Why do you need a SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGER?

Want to stay ahead of your competition and make a memorable connection with your public? Then you are in the market to hire a social media manager (SMM). Social media marketing has a bigger impact and reach to your potential client than you would think - IF USED CORRECTLY…

At Jane-Eye Creative we specialize in social media management and marketing and are 100% dedicated to your brand’s social marketing. Stand out between your competitors – get your social media marketing up to date now!Our SMM will stay on top of trends, keep your product or service visible and interesting to your audience, and provide you with regular feedback. Do you want to improve your business?

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Use Social Media Marketing to:

Improved brand recognition and brand loyalty; More potential clients; Higher conversion rates and brand authority; Increased inbound traffic and improved customer perception; Decreased marketing costs; Better search engine rankings and customer experiences...

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We offer Marketing Consulting Services

ARE YOU STUCK AT MANAGING YOUR COMPANIES MARKETING? PHONE US, WE WILL GET YOU UP AND RUNNING! We are perfect for the job! We are experts at exposing your brand, getting noticed on the internet & most importantly getting your target audience to contact you!!  Saving you even more time and mon...

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Running out of time to keep your admin up to date?   At Jane-Eye Creative you literally tell us what marketing or design work you want done & it will be delivered at your residential home. Not to worry about any admin while your projects get done here at Jane-Eye.  Please contact us for mor...

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We design!

Saving your time & money!Not only do we specialize in SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING; we can also design and produce the media as needed by our SOCIAL MEDIA clients – from print design to website design and everything in between. We design so your social media engagement grows! ...

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