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✏️🤩💻🗒 Welcome to Jane-Eye Creative!!

✏️🤩💻🗒 Welcome to Jane-Eye Creative!!

📲We are a small freelance creative company and provide a unique service package. We create your perfect design/artwork in a digital, print or website format, we market your product/service & do all your admin, print & deliveries!

🖨Jane-Eye Creative is your one-stop-creative-store! To setup a meeting & learn more about us, please contact us!
+27 84 583 3833

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A bit of background

“4 best friends from High School went on a memorable beach holiday. On the way back they the blonde asked everyone if the would ever customized their number plate on their car what would it be? Everyone answered – all of them quite legit, I must say – and the same question was asked to the blonde. She sat there with a month fill of teeth as she did not think the question through…. The driver answered on her behalf: “JANE-EYE’.
This was a good play on words & directly translated from her Afrikaans name. This “JANE-EYE” stuck & got use numerous times for projects in College.
I became so fond of this name & after many years of study, internships, working & freelancing I decided to name my company JANE-EYE CREATIVE. And the slogan says it all: APPROVED CREATIVITY.
An amazing, unique & creative adventure started & I actually have 3 really amazing people to thank for this! Their support. love & artistic CREATIVITY!”
Jane-Eye Creative was officially founded in 2017.
This Design & Marketing Company is owner run which still gives us the opportunity for excellent customer services. We strive to create exactly what you as the client need to capture your specific audience.
At Jane-Eye Creative we guarantee excellent service with an extra personal touch!
Please visit or contact us on

Approved Creativity

Someone once compared GREAT Graphic Design to a fridge – you barely notice the value of a working fridge until it breaks down! I could not agree more! At Jane-Eye Creative we deliver only “Approved Creativity” which does the job without you knowing about it. We make sure ‘the fridge does not break’.

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