“Die Dame”

Our client told us her story and asked to put it into an art piece which she can get printed and framed. “Die Dame” turned out to be quite an exceptional piece.

It catches the eye and yet have a deeper meaning. This piece represents her new owner:

One would expect the line portrait to be soft and smooth but in this case the line work represents the owners path through life. I think a lot of us can relate – life is not always soft and smooth. Life also takes you in strange directions sometimes, but have you ever looked back and then realised why you travelled that way? Once you reached that point and can look back, you can see “the picture”, like in this piece, the rough lines forms the portrait. The owner is proud of who she become.

The colours not only compliments the line portrait but reminds her how she got where she did – nobility (light magenta) and inner piece (light pink).

We absolutely LOVE how this came out!