Marketing Services

We specialize in running the social media platforms for you. We do the research & make sure we post specifically when & what is needed to get your business/product advertised nationally or internationally. We are experts at growing & exposing your brand, product or company! You as the client do not have to waste time on admin or keeping your social media platforms alive – We are here to save you money, time & making it possible for you to get to your job!

Why hire us to manage your social media account?

If you want to stay ahead of your competition & make a positive memorable connection with the public, you in the market to hire a SMM. Social Media Marketing has an even bigger effect and potential reach &/ interaction with your potential client &/ buyer than what one think, IF USED CORRECTLY. .

At Jane-Eye Creative we specialize in Social Media Management/Marketing. We will be 100% dedicated to your brands social marketing. Stand out between your competitors – get your social media marketing up to date now! Our SMM will stay on top of trends, keep your product &/ service visible & interesting to the specific audience & that can also provide you with feedback regularly. Do you want to get more sales/buyers?

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