What we do


What We Do

Our services:


We specialize in running the social media platforms for you. We do the research & make sure we post specifically when & what is needed to get your business/product advertised nationally or internationally. We are experts at growing & exposing your brand, product or company! You as the client do not have to waste time on admin or keeping your social media platforms alive – We are here to save you money, time & making it possible for you to get to your job!

Why hire us to manage your social media account?

If you want to stay ahead of your competition & make a positive memorable connection with the public, you in the market to hire a SMM. Social Media Marketing has an even bigger effect and potential reach &/ interaction with your potential client &/ buyer than what one think, IF USED CORRECTLY. .

At Jane-Eye Creative we specialize in Social Media Management/Marketing. We will be 100% dedicated to your brands social marketing. Stand out between your competitors – get your social media marketing up to date now! Our SMM will stay on top of trends, keep your product &/ service visible & interesting to the specific audience & that can also provide you with feedback regularly. Do you want to get more sales/buyers?

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Social Media Marketing!

Graphic Design:

Here at Jane-Eye Creative we specialize in running all social media platforms for clients & what makes our service more convenient is that we design any artwork needed to do so.  Again, less admin for you as the client!

Our Graphic Design Department can design anything digitally as well as any print design needed. We also manage your printing & deliver it to your house/office. Delivery fees are included in your own unique package (See Packages for more information).

We design!

Website Design:

We design & build websites to your liking. Please contact us to get an estimate quote!

Website Design!

Website hosting Services:

In this department we setup and manage your website hosting. This includes setting up emails too. We have a large variety of domains available such as: .co.za; .com; .joburg; .capteown; .org; .net; . live; etc. Please contact us to see what we have available.

Please contact us for a quotation!

Website Hosting!

We normally add this service to the monthly retainer – please see under packages for more information.

Please state weather we need to setup backups for your emails!!