At Jane-Eye Creative can accommodate your business in its success with the creation of customised – new or existing – websites. We also offer website updates and monthly maintenance packages.

A well-structured website is a must have in today’s competitive world. Your website needs to be able to speak to your visitors and them the information they require. This information needs to be displayed to grab your potential clients’ attention. We can confidently provide the perfect base for your product/brand to grow, reach your potential audience and at the same time educate the public to see and understand your unique brand/product.

To keep your well-structured website to operate properly to get more sales/visitors/queries the backend of your website must be well maintained.

Many people ask why they must hire a professional to build & maintain their website.

In a nutshell, the frontend of your website (where you clients will visit) must be strategically placed to get your potential client to do what you intend – it could be to ask for a quotation, buy a product, sign up for a newsletter, etc. The layout, colour and font play an excessively big role in your website being successful.

The backend and the frontend of the website is linked to each other and the frontend will not function as it should without a healthy operating backend. A well maintained backed will improve the following for your website:

  • Improve the user experience
  • More traffic
  • Higher SEO rankings
  • Secure security (Hackers are constantly looking for weak and vulnerable websites to attempt stealing CC details or uploading Malware/ Trojan horse onto your website and this will cause issues for you and your customer)
  • Better Google rankings
  • All web services in working order (forms, signups, payments, social media links, etc)

Here is what can happen to a website not maintained correctly:

  • Risk of losing valuable clients
  • Encounter errors
  • Website will frequently crash
  • Slow page loading
  • Frontend will easily fail without a solid backend
  • Inconsistent performance on the frontend

The frontend of the website (the visual part where the viewers can interact with) cannot perform like it should without a well-maintained backend. The backend is basically code that interacts with the server and focusses on delivering data and content viewers will see. Both ends working together successfully is what will make your website perform to the best of its ability. And that is what you call a full-stack-development.

We have monthly packages specially put together to keep your website running smoothly & secure.

Please give us a shout for package pricing!